Alexis and Tiffany


Alexis and Tiffany were matched in September 2011 and formed a quick friendship. Tiffany describes their relationship as being fun and energetic and says, “Alexis makes me laugh and I am constantly learning things!”

They enjoy doing new activities each time they get together. They’ve visited the Great Lakes Aquarium and gone to movies but most enjoy baking and playing board games as well as walking Tiffany’s dog. Tiffany says her favorite activity was going to Pottery Burn – the figurines they painted serve as a great memory!

Alexis’ mom says that Tiffany is a great role model and likes that they spend a lot of time at home, focusing on the free things in life. “Tiffany makes time for Alexis, lets her know that she is there for her, whether they are chasing the dog or playing Boxer Monopoly, Alexis has a BLAST!”


Courtney Krause and Majestic


Courtney and Majestic started meeting with each other in 2010 as an academic match in the Lowell Elementary COMPASS program. The next year they continued building their relationship as they participated in the Duluth YMCA’s YStyle fitness program. There, they discovered that they really enjoy each other’s company and that they are both not fans of active sports! They have also participated in the Running Buddies program at the YMCA. In August 2011, Courtney and Majestic finally took the big step of being officially matched in the Mentor Duluth Community based program. They have been happily matched ever since!

Courtney and Majestic enjoy walking the Lakewalk, going out to eat, participating in Y-Style and Running Buddies, looking at arts and crafts materials at Michaels and eating ice cream from Cold Stone. In the future, Majestic and Courtney would like to volunteer at Animal Allies, go to some movies, and continue to enjoy each other’s company.

Courtney says that the best thing about Majestic is her personality. Majestic is a truly happy person and really opens up to Courtney. Majestic is easy to talk to and they genuinely enjoy being around each other. They are both laid back and look forward to the random adventures they will have as a match.


Elissa and Sammy

Elissa and Sammy meet once a week during the YWCA Girl Power! program at Nettleton. They have been an academic match since September.

Each week they work on homework, play games, create crafts and catch up. Sammy describes Elissa as a “math whiz” and the two of them enjoy doing a lot of math games and worksheets together. They also make sure to save time to be goofy and share plenty of laughs. At the end of fall semester, each Girl Power! match made magnets together. Elissa and Sammy got really involved with their magnet making and worked hard to share something special. Sammy has all three magnets that Elissa made for her “bedazzling” her fridge and they always remind her of what a special girl Elissa is.

They have also spent time outside of Girl Power! when they attended the Mentor Duluth corn maze event together, as well as the YMCA Holiday Party. Both events were a fun time for everyone involved! The two of them are looking forward to continuing their match in February when Girl Power! begins again at Nettleton.


Hannah and Paige


Hannah Boraas and Paige have been matched through the Duluth YMCA’s YStyle program. Together they trained for a YStyle Mock Triathlon in December. The duo enjoyed training together. They also worked on math and science homework during their academic time, which helped Paige to improve in those subjects in school.

A special moment both Paige and Hannah recall is when the YStyle group took a special trip down to Bentleyville. Hannah says “All the Christmas music they were playing had a kind of “rock n’ roll” vibe to it and we ran around pretending to be secret agents.” Hannah also had the opportunity to see Paige’s dance recital which was very special to the two of them as well.

Hannah:” I am so glad I was paired with Paige for YStyle. I feel like I got really lucky! She is so sweet and I had so much fun getting to know her.”


Jean Walsh and Andrew

Andrew and Jean have been a Community based Mentor Duluth match that started on February 17, 2010 with the YMCA

Jean says “We especially enjoy doing outdoor activities together: bicycling, skipping rocks in Lake Superior, sledding, skiing, ice skating, roller skating, snow shoeing and gardening. Andrew is very adventurous, and is game for anything. He is very kind, and has a great sense of humor.” Andrews’s mom Jenna says “they went curling one time, and now Andrew is now on a curling team. He really likes it!”


Jean says that a special moment about their match would be “digging up the potatoes we planted in the spring, and seeing the amazement on his face.” Andrew’s mom says that “Andrew likes everything they do, from gardening, to bike riding on the lakewalk, to movies and meals together.”

Andrew’s mom Jenna thinks “they are great people (Jean and her husband) for what they are doing; being a part of my son’s life.”

Andrew and Jean’s picture was taken while they went skiing together up at Mont Du Lac. A partnership between Mont Du Lac and Mentor Duluth provides Mentor Duluth matches with the opportunity to go skiing, snowboarding or tubing for



Molly and Jodi

Jodi and Molly have been matched for almost two years now and have developed a close friendship. They share a love of cooking together and enjoy trying different foods. Molly’s favorite food is sushi and they made it together, she was very good at it. She says that her favorite thing about Jodi is that “she is really funny and so upbeat! She just makes me feel happy.”


They have had a lot of fun doing things like bowling, visiting the Aquarium, celebrating holidays, decorating masks, and doing experiments. Jodi said Molly has challenged her to be more playful, recounting a time this past fall when Molly encouraged her to go swimming in Lake Superior, even though they were not dressed in swimming attire and prepared to get wet. “Even though I didn’t want to at first, we just did it and it was perfect!”


Molly says that she has learned a lot and has grown in many ways with Jodi in her life. Jodi says that the best thing about their relationship is that they truly are friends.


Myles and Mike Wilsey and Leah Shadle


Myles has been matched in Mentor Duluth with Leah and Mike for just over a year now. In their time with Mentor Duluth, they have already done so many things! They enjoy going on walks together, going to UMD hockey games, watching the Beargrease sled dog marathon, riding bike, playing mini golf, going sledding and so many more things!

Myles’ grandmother says Leah and Mike are wonderful mentors to Myles and she couldn’t have asked for a better match. Since being matched Myles’ grandmother says he has had the opportunity to try so many new things, which has been a great experience for him. Myles, Mike and Leah have done a lot of activities together, but they also just enjoy each other’s company and hanging out together at Mike and Leah’s house and playing with their two puppies.

Mike and Leah love that being a mentor has given them the opportunity to do activities like a kid again and they love being able to see the world through Myles’ eyes. They say that Myles is a joy to be around and has a very inquisitive personality and loves asking questions and learning new things.


Pam and Tayana

Pam and Tayana have been matched since July of 2010. Before being matched Pam and Tayana knew each other through the Boys and Girls club and school. When Pam learned that Tayana was waiting for a mentor she immediately knew that she wanted to be her mentor.

Pam and Tayana get along great and love hanging out with each other. They are writing a story about every time that they get together. They do everything from playing cards to going for rides on Pam’s Harley. On their one year anniversary they went on a long Harley ride, ate at Gordy’s Hi-Hat, and then relaxed at Pam’s house. At the end of the day, Tayana asked Pam if she would still be her mentor when she is 20 years old! They also have a celebration in their future. Once they reach 65 times of getting together they are going to celebrate. They are very close and only have a couple more times to hang out before they can celebrate.

Pam has said that Tayana fits right in as part of the family. Tayana loves getting together with Pam and you can see it on her face. She gets the biggest smile and her eyes light up. Their friendship will last a lifetime.


Paula and Katherine


Paula has been matched with Katherine for the past three years as an academic mentor at Harbor City International High school.

Paula works on homework with Katherine for an hour a week during the school day. They share stories from their lives with one another as they work.

Paula and Kat both laugh to think of the day when their academic mentoring relationship clicked for them. It was a little rocky in the beginning but they started talking about books and the outdoors and found out what they had in common. This became the foundation of a respectful, caring, fun relationship.


Paula says that Kat has expanded her thinking and Kat says that having Paula in her life has helped her attitude at school.


Ryan and Ladante

Ryan and Ledante have been matched since March 2011. They became good friends after doing homework at Neighborhood Youth Services in an academic mentoring program. They began to have a really good connection and wanted to focus on more than homework so they rolled over to a community based match as well.

Ryan and Ledante enjoy going to the movies, going out to eat, and playing at Adventure zone. They have also participated in Mentor Duluth activities like the Holiday party and swimming. “As a college student, school is a top priority and with working, both of our schedules don’t always match, but we still continually meet on a weekly basis” said Ryan.