What does Mentor Superior do?

Mentor Superior serves Superior area youth, ages 5-17, by pairing them with a positive adult role model. This adult match will serve as a role model, guide, resource, and, most importantly, a friend to the mentee.

What are the requirements to being a mentor?

Mentors must be 18 years of age or older, have a reliable means of transportation (car, bus system, bike, etc.) and be able to pass a criminal background check.

What is the time commitment for a mentor?

We ask that you commit to one year with your mentee, and you spend about 8-12 hours each month with your mentee.

Who are the children in our program?

Children that are enrolled in our program are between the ages of 5 and 17. Most come from single parent families or a two parent family with other needs. We have no income requirements; however 92% of our families fall under the “Very low-low moderate income” according to HUD guidelines. All of the youth are in need of another positive, caring adult in their life.

How do we match a mentor with a mentee?

We speak with potential mentors to find out their interests, and we match the mentor up with a mentee who shares those interests. Maybe you enjoy fishing and the great outdoors. Then again, maybe you are an indoor type that enjoys movies or bowling. We want these relationships to flourish and part of that is matching a mentors and mentees who have similar interests. Generally we pair a male with a male and a female with a female.

Does it cost money to be a mentor?

The only cost to being a mentor is devoting time to a child who needs a positive adult role model and friend. There are many free activities in the area that you and your mentee may enjoy whether it is a walk in Canal Park or playing a game of cards. Additionally Mentor Superior pairs with some local companies to offer free or reduced-admission activities. Click here to take a peek at our activity ideas page.

Are there people waiting to become mentors or mentees?

Currently we have a shortage of mentors, but we have a surplus of mentees. Each child that comes to us looking for a mentor generally waits 1-2 years before s/he is paired. We currently have over 250 kids waiting to be paired, 40 of which are from Superior.

I don’t have time to devote to being a mentor. In what other ways may I help Mentor Duluth?

Mentor Superior also offers academic and athletic mentors to youth. The time commitment is substantially less for these mentor positions. If you find you cannot devote the time to any form of mentoring, Mentor Superior accepts donations to sustain and further its program. If you are intersted in making a donation to our program please contact us.