Welcome to the Mentor Duluth/ Superior Forum! The forum is for you and other mentors to connect about upcoming program activities and/or events in the community. Here are some ground rules and expectations:

  • Our program sees this forum as an opportunity for matches to connect to each other and know each other better. However, we still want to emphasize the importance of one on one mentoring and hope that mentors will use this advantage occasionally.
  • The focus of this forum is for mentors to connect about activities. Please do not use this forum to express concerns or complaints about your mentee or the program. These concerns can be brought to your Program Advocate or Mentor Duluth Director.
  • Please refer to your mentee as “mentee.” For confidentiality purposes, please do not use their real name.
  • Please use appropriate language
  • Inappropriate posts will be removed by Admins
  • The forum is private, only mentors are allow to post and view the topics in this forum
  • If you plan to spend time with other matches, please discuss with your mentee’s parents or guardians first.


Group mentoring/ get-togethers can be beneficial and a great experience for mentors and mentees. However, some boundary issues may come up. Please discuss with your Program Advocate if you have any concerns. Here are some examples:

  • Friendships are formed with other matches and everyone wants to spend more time together. The focus has changed from one on one relationship to a group setting.
  • Conflict of covering the cost of activities
  • Confidentiality issue: disclosing too much information about your mentee and their family to another mentor