Our History


1938-   A group of men from the YMCA saw the need for young men to have positive adult role models since most of their fathers were away serving in World War II.  They formed “The Fatherless Boys Association.”

1942-   The first Holiday party was planned.  Support from the Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth, Rotary 25 and the Jewish Fellowship all pitched in for this event.  This is still an annual event today.

Late 1940s-  The first annual summer BBQ was planned with support from the Optimist Club.  This is still an annual event today.

Early 1970s-  The Fatherless Boys Association was “officially” found by the United Way and a committee was formed to help oversee the program which now served 30-40 children each year.

1981-   The name of the program was changed to Friendship and Brotherhood Association.  Young girls were allowed to be a part of the program.

1989-   The name of the program changed again to Friendship Between the Ages.

1996-1997-   The Ordean Foundation did a community-wide needs assessment which reaffirmed the need for more positive adult role models in the lives of the youth of Duluth.  This sparked the transformation of mentoring into the Mentor Duluth collaborative and marked the official start to the Mentor Duluth longitudinal study.

2012-   The Leadership Superior-Douglas County program identified a need for a mentoring program in Superior, WI and approached Mentor Duluth to join the collaboration.  Mentor Superior was founded.